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  Violin/Chromatic Dual Tuner + Thermo-Hygro Meter

Tuner Features:
Most advancdc tuning algorithm (+/- 0.5 cents)
Dedicated Violin + Chromatic dual tuner
Quadra flat tuning
internal microphone and external jack
Re-calibriate from A=430 to 449Hz
Easy-to-read LCD tuing meter
3 colored LED tuning guide
Non-volatile memory keeps all settings
Automatically returns to the hygrometer mode when no sound is coming in for 3 minutes
Therno-Hygro Meter Features:
Temperature range: -10¡É to +60¡É (+14¢µ to 140¢µ)
Tolerance: +/- 2%
Relative humidity: 20 to 90%, Tol: +/- 5%
Recording function saves the highest and lowest temperature and humidity
Measuring interval: every 15 seconds
Very Cool Features:
Ultra long battery life
Built-in stand for table top viewing
Recessed on/off button
Two year warranty
compact and slim size for portable use