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  Multi-Function Metronome

Tempo Range: 40 to 216 times/minutes (JIS)
Beat: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
6 kinds of rhythm
Sound: standard beat by click with strong beat by chime
Display: 8 LEDs simulate pendulum motion/beat(green) with stron beat indicators(red)
Reference note: 3-1/4 octave (B2~C6)
Pitch Shift: 400~445 (1Hz increments)
Accuracy: Metronome- +/-0.2% Reference Note- less than 1 cent
Volume: continuous adjustment of sound
Power Switch Mode: OFF/METRO1/METRO2/SOUND
Selection: Slide Switch (4step)
External Output Speaker: Dia.36mm dynamic speaker
Earphone Jack: Dia.3.5mm monophonic-type jack
Sound Volume: continuous adjustment by volume controller
Power Source: Dry Battery DC 9V (6F22)
Overall Dimension and Weight: 66(W) ¡¿138(H) ¡¿32(D)mm, Approx 200g
Color: Gold/Black