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Dual Metro Tuner
Digital Dual Metronome
Tempo Range: 30 to 250 BPM
Tones: Total 3 tones for the strong beat(Chime), weak beat(Drum) and rhythm(Wood block)
Display: Wide screen LCD meteer simulates a realistic penddulum motion 2 color LED displays strong/weak eat
Volume: Continuously adjustable by a knob from max. to mute
Accuracy: Max.+/-0.01%, Quartz(8MHz) based operation
Digital auto chromtic tuner
Mode: Chromatic, Sutiable for all types of instruments and voice
Built-in Mic. for acoustic and input jack for electric instruments
Note: Chromatic tuner(12 even-tempered)
Tolerance: +/-0.5 cents, uses Quartz crystal
Calibration: Pitch shift(A=430Hz ~ 449Hz, 1Hz step) and Quardra Flat Tuning (flatting 4 steps)
Display: 3 color LED shows in-tune or miss-tune, LCD meter indicates how closely it is tuned in cents scale
Tuning Range: A0 ~ B7 (8 octaves)
Reference pitch generator
Number of notes: 88 notes, chromatic scale
Calibration: Pitch Shift (A=430Hz ~ 449Hz, 1Hz step)
Volume: Continuously adjustable by knob from max. to mute
Accuracy:+/-1.0 cents, uses Quartz crystal
Physical specifications
Dimensions: Height=146mm, Width=62mm, Depth=24mm
Weight: without battery+112g, Weight including battery (149g)
Power Source: DC 9V dry battery (6F22) or 9V AC adaptor
Built-in Speaker: Dia.36mm, dynamic speaker
Earphone Jack: Dia.35mm, mono/stereo jack
Input Jack for Electric Guitar: Dia.6.0mm, mono jack